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The Next Adventure: China

Today is August 4th and it marks one year since I have had a cigarette. Wow. I remember clearly pulling in behind the Tim Horton’s at Whitbourne and smoking three or four cigarettes over a cup of tea and deciding that there was never going to be a better time to stop than that moment. There was always going to be that first step regardless of when it was taken and it was never going to be easy. Strength would always be required to be successful. I was never going to be stronger than the moment I said, “Stop. No more.” So, I stopped. I had no more.  I threw down the remainder of my pack and haven’t had a smoke now in 365 days. Get thee behind me satan.

No SmokingSo, on this the 1st anniversary of my stop smoking decision I am excited to announce that my next adventure will take me to China on the 20th of this month. I will be going to Quanzhou, China on a 1 year contract to teach English to high school students. I am very excited by this new adventure. In addition to what seems to be a good school with motivated students, a free 2 bedroom apartment and good salary, I will have 3 months’ vacation each year plus national holidays in which to explore new places and meet new people. As often as possible this will be done from atop my trusty bicycle. I will be taking lots of photos and writing about life in China and posting it here on my new website, the permanent home of and I hope you will follow along and share my new adventures with me.

See you out there.



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  1. Bride Whiffen

    Congratulations on your 1st. “smoke free” anniversary. Good luck as you begin your new adventure!

  2. Mom

    Congratulations my son, wishing you happiness & success in your new venture. Praying for safe travels to China, hope it’s all you hoped it would be. See you tomorrow, love you xoxo


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