Great Value Added to my Go Fund Me Project.

Don’t like the word “donate” on the Go Fund Me page? Me either! With the new changes that I have made to the program you can forget that word and insert the word BUY in it’s place. See how you can do that by checking out the big changes that I have made to the campaign to add value to your money!

1) $75 Super Level I have decided to get rid of the $150 level and have added the One Hour Photo Session to the $75 level which means you will now get great photos PLUS the postcard, eBook, and 8×12 photo for only $75! And don’t forget the exclusive members area. Now that’s great value!

2) Fabulous 40  The $40 Reward Level now features a 30 Minute Photo Session in addition to all the great rewards initially offered. That’s value that’s tough to beat.

3) Tremendous 20  The $20 Reward Level now includes the photo eBook in addition to the handwritten postcard and members access area. Tremendous bang for your 20 bucks.

4) If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it? The photography offered at the $40 and $75 levels is not practical or desirable for you? Well, here’s some good news for you. Contact me at my  e-mail address and let’s work out a substitute product.

So treat that donate button as if it says BUY and go to my campaign now and get on board for one of the greatest cycle journeys in the world. Or even better. Avoid the hassles of using your debit and credit cards online and e-mail the money straight to me at from your online banking service. I will post your purchase as an offline purchase and it will be added to the overall total.

So, come on everybody get geared up for the big ride and make a purchase now.

See you on the trail!

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