Day 2: Iona to Baddeck

The 2nd day after the restart was another day of good riding. I started out along route 223 from just outside of Iona and then onto the Trans Canada Highway toward Baddeck.

Despite the grey, featureless skies, the ride on 223 was gorgeous. Once again, trees awash in brilliant reds and oranges were the main feature, interrupted periodically by small lakes or cottage properties, and, in one particular gorge, brilliant white gypsum rock.

White Gypsum rock backed by beautiful fall colors

The rock was surprisingly brittle, but occassionally razor sharp. The bright white of it practically leaping from the oranges, reds, and greens surrounding it.

Farm House near Iona
Yellow House, Orange Trees

A short time after passing the farm house, I came upon a short ferry ride at Little Narrows.

Ferry, Little Narrows, NS

Ferry, Little Narrows, NS

After the ferry crossing was a busy and noisy ride along the Trans Canada to Baddeck passing some lovely scenery along the way.

Fall Colours TCH near Baddeck, NS
Fall Colours TCH near Baddeck, NS
Cottage and Red Tree, TCH, NS
Cottage and Red Tree, TCH, NS

The days ride ended a few kilometers east of Baddeck. It was past dark and I still hadn’t found a place to camp. I checked at an Inn I passed but there was no room. So they offered me the barn. I accepted. But more on that later.


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  1. Bride

    What a breathtaking views! I love the shades of autumn!


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