French Mountain

I ate breakfast at Evangeline’s in Cheticamp. It was already beyond mid morning when I sat down in the popular, slow serving diner. I was slow getting ready in the morning. I was already sick of setting up and breaking… Read More

Day 2: Iona to Baddeck

The 2nd day after the restart was another day of good riding. I started out along route 223 from just outside of Iona and then onto the Trans Canada Highway toward Baddeck. Despite the grey, featureless skies, the ride on… Read More

A Day On the Road

Yesterday the journey restarted from Sydney riding southwest on route 223 into a headwind with gusts that reached 50k per hour. Despite the wind, I was able to make good time ending the day just a little past Iona. The… Read More

Goodbye, Old Friend.

It’s never easy to say good-bye to an old and trusted friend. I am talking about the kind of friend that has traveled to far reaches of the world with you and stood next to your side when you experienced… Read More

Welcome to

Hello everybody, and welcome to and the VeloTramp Project at its temporary residence. The full time home of and VeloTramp is currently under construction and we are looking at a 2nd week of October completion and launch date…. Read More