Wuyishan: A Photo Essay

My most recent bike trip to Wuyishan wasn’t quite the trip I had envisioned. The weather turned out to be much rainier than had been forecast and some heavy rains and a cancellation meant that the number of attractions that… Read More

Setting Forth: On the Road to Sanming

Setting Forth. It is the title of a song by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam that he wrote for the soundtrack to the movie, Into the Wild. Setting forth in the universe, it says. It’s a song that always sets… Read More

It’s the Little Things

When it comes right down to it, it’s the little things that matter. It’s the little things that make the difference. When it comes to life here in China there are plenty of big differences, but by and large they… Read More

2014: A VeloTramp Year in Review

I feel like I have been 47 years old for more than a year already but that number has been reached just today. It was at least October of 2013, since I first started referring to my upcoming January 2014… Read More

At Trail’s End

Bittersweet was the day I rode out from Ingonish and it was both bitter and sweet for precisely the same reason. The journey was nearing an end. It would be great to complete it but at the same time there… Read More

North Mountain

The day after French Mountain was a pitiful day of weather. There was a stiff north westerly that brought a cold hard rain. A perfectly miserable day to get back on the bike. So I didn’t. On the advice of… Read More