An LP Afternoon


An LP Afternoon (Note: LP means Luang Prabang. The biggest and most popular city in northern Laos.) The air is molten when the sun shines. The breath you take is hot in your throat, and the thought of movement brings… Read More

Cycling Dream Trips: Subject to Change

Dream Rides

The weather doesn’t exactly inspire dreams of cycling. Thankfully, my book does. I am sitting on my balcony and looking out into a dense night fog. It is rainy season here in southern China and much of the days and… Read More

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring. Welcome Back.

Goodbye Winter

Winter comes just about everywhere. Even here in my Chinese hometown of Jianou, just a short hop north of the Tropic of Cancer, winter comes. To be sure, the very short and mild winter we get here doesn’t bear any… Read More