Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail

The ride from Da Nang to Khe Sanh had been an incredibly satisfying journey, but the most anticipated part of my tour was still to come: The Ho Chi Minh Trail. My plan for the Trail would cover three days… Read More

Vietnam: The Road to Khe Sanh

The road to Khe Sanh

Sometimes when I travel I go out of my way to visit places that some would say have a limited tourist appeal. My visit to Khe Sanh during my recent Vietnam cycle trip was just such a stop. If you… Read More

Tet Festival: Celebrating the New Year in Vietnam

Tet Festival

On January 30, 1968, just a little more than three weeks after my birth, large numbers of Viet-Cong soldiers, South Vietnamese loyal to the North, with well placed support form the North Vietnamese Regular Army, orchestrated a sweeping series of… Read More

Setting Forth: On the Road to Sanming

Setting Forth. It is the title of a song by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam that he wrote for the soundtrack to the movie, Into the Wild. Setting forth in the universe, it says. It’s a song that always sets… Read More

It’s the Little Things

When it comes right down to it, it’s the little things that matter. It’s the little things that make the difference. When it comes to life here in China there are plenty of big differences, but by and large they… Read More

VeloTramp T-Shirts – Now Available!

VeloTramp T-shirts

In a little more than 24 hours I’m going to be embarking on my next big adventure: teaching high school in China. Read about it here. There are times when I think about it that I get so excited that I… Read More

The Next Adventure: China

Great Wall of China

Today is August 4th and it marks one year since I have had a cigarette. Wow. I remember clearly pulling in behind the Tim Horton’s at Whitbourne and smoking three or four cigarettes over a cup of tea and deciding… Read More