An LP Afternoon


An LP Afternoon (Note: LP means Luang Prabang. The biggest and most popular city in northern Laos.) The air is molten when the sun shines. The breath you take is hot in your throat, and the thought of movement brings… Read More

Tips for Long Distance Travel in China

Traveling in China is completely unlike travel I have experienced in other countries. First of all, China is a huge country, much bigger than people realize. So when you are traveling within it’s borders you are likely to encounter flight… Read More

Altitude: The VeloTramp in Gansu

The ride out of Lanzhou was a silky smooth transition of leg over leg as I pushed my way up the gradual but insistent incline. I felt strong as I pushed my heavy laden bike up the narrow byway to… Read More

Cycling Vietnam: The Last Days

Vietnam Cycling

Cycling as an activity can be filled with emotions. From the first push of the pedal to the last on any given day on the bike there can be any number of emotions that run through me, around me, and… Read More