Cycling Dream Trips: Subject to Change

Dream Rides

The weather doesn’t exactly inspire dreams of cycling. Thankfully, my book does. I am sitting on my balcony and looking out into a dense night fog. It is rainy season here in southern China and much of the days and… Read More

Altitude: The VeloTramp in Gansu

The ride out of Lanzhou was a silky smooth transition of leg over leg as I pushed my way up the gradual but insistent incline. I felt strong as I pushed my heavy laden bike up the narrow byway to… Read More

Cycling Vietnam: The Last Days

Vietnam Cycling

Cycling as an activity can be filled with emotions. From the first push of the pedal to the last on any given day on the bike there can be any number of emotions that run through me, around me, and… Read More

Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail

The ride from Da Nang to Khe Sanh had been an incredibly satisfying journey, but the most anticipated part of my tour was still to come: The Ho Chi Minh Trail. My plan for the Trail would cover three days… Read More

Vietnam: The Road to Khe Sanh

The road to Khe Sanh

Sometimes when I travel I go out of my way to visit places that some would say have a limited tourist appeal. My visit to Khe Sanh during my recent Vietnam cycle trip was just such a stop. If you… Read More